As an open-source framework for development and progress, CakePHP brings together the best of the best, and one needs to know more about it. The architectural model of development is quite unique and in sync with what developers need the most. Due to that, going ahead to check out the best features of open-source apps and apps in CakePHP will make a difference for the better. So without further ado, here are a few utility open source apps in CakePHP.


Free, open-source, and Multilingual Content management systems are a few of the top keywords that can be used to describe Croogo. Built using the CakePHP MVC framework, the open-source project is released under MIT License. Using this application, you can move forward to create your own content and can also categorize the same on the basis of Taxonomy. Thanks to all that, the application stands to be a useful one, and everyone will be able to make the most of it.


Orangescrum is a highly effective tool that opens the door towards project management. By using the CakePHP framework, the application sets things heading in the right direction. Due to that, you will be able to get proper control over things and understand how the task shapes up to become an efficient one. However, you can also understand the application after a couple of attempts at exploring the features and decoding the options. As a result, you need to go ahead and try it out.


Like Croogo, QuickApps is another top content management system that comes into the picture with effective tools and methods. The system that it sets up is easy to use and relatively simple to get all you need. Thanks to that, it allows developers and advanced users to build complex websites without going through a tiring and time-consuming process. The effortless part that it sets up does the job for the better, and one can always be glad about it.

Zhen CRM

Zhen CRM aims to be simple and effective to use, and the application has managed to crack the same for the bigger part of the process. It is a straightforward and simple tool that one can use to get things going in the right direction. Since its features are always in sync with your needs, you can move closer to the outcome and stand to gain a lot from it. Due to that, you need to explore Zhen CRM by looking into its features and understanding how it works.

Exploring these utility open source apps in CakePHP is a good process, and we suggest that you go ahead with it.