Understanding the top differences between CakePHP and Codelgniter will surely help you get things started in choosing the better option out of the two. Coming equipped with the right set of features, both these web development frameworks can help you move across to the right point. However, the battle is over until one finds the better option. So read the following differences and choose the one that suits your needs.

Top Components

Exploring the top components in place will certainly help one make the most of the process. In that manner, you can easily move towards CakePHP as it uses Auth as its core component and does things for the better. On the other hand, Codelgniter moves forward with various classes like FTP class and other related aspects. Despite that, one will have to create, identify and move forward with the right plug-ins that matter the most.

Ease of use

Ease of use or simplicity is another aspect that people look into before going forward with the software. While Codelgniter provides an easy way to understand things, CakePHP takes a different route and wants you to enter the core to get things going. Due to that, the difference between the two stands to be evident, and one can always understand the same to a considerable extent. As a result, choosing one will be based on what you want to gain from it.

The Process of Scaffolding

Since scaffolding is an important feature, it comes with both these frameworks, and one can always get it. But there are a few differences, and you can understand the same as you keep using them. With CakePHP, you will be used to a system that enables scaffolding for developers to define the process, create and break links and move ahead with the best. On the other hand, Codelgniter hits you up with a quick way to add and modify the information that you need.

Code Generation

With Codelgniter, you will not find any code generation from the console as basic ingredients seem to be lacking. Due to that, developers will have to move forward to plug-ins and understand how effective the process turns out to be. On the other hand, CakePHP is powered by a Bake console that keeps things secure, creates models, views and controllers. As a result, you can finish your tasks within a matter of time.


From components to code generation, the differences are evident, and one must always move forward to analyze the same. By doing so, you can choose the framework that matters the most and understand what you need. Hence, go ahead and look into the matter to get a better idea of the same.