Understanding CakePHP and all the top features it provides will help you get a better idea of this framework. As the web programmer goes ahead with updates and other crucial aspects, one can always look towards making the most of the same and exploring the world it brings to the table. Due to that, you need to start with features and understand how CakePHP comes along the process to make matters better. Hence, here are the best features of CakePHP.


ORM or Object Relational Mapping is a proper system that comes along the process to connect different categories of data into one and lets the data blend with different facilities. Thanks to the effortless nature through which it archives that, one can always rely on ORM and move ahead to make the most of it. Due to that, one can get started with CakePHP and go on writing an entire program without even looking into SQL code or other related aspects. In this manner, CakePHP makes the process easy and understandable.

The Use of Plug-ins

CakePHP opens the door towards innovation by letting you reuse your code and start building your existing facility through top features that are always in sync with what you need. Moreover, since our needs to evolve and change through time, one can always explore the top requirements and make use of the great features that CakePHP has to offer. As you keep on exploring the same, you will understand that you can get things done without even disrupting its core library and other aspects that come with the process.

Model View Controller

Looking into other ways to work on the aspects of development goes a long way in bringing about a difference and creating a path of change. As that form of change comes with an MVC pattern, you can always expect to make the most of the same. The model is an effective one that goes about supporting data rendering, data handling, and other essential features that are always in line to help one get used to the best of the process. Due to that, the controller works for the better, and one needs to remember the same.

Watching and Working

With the addition of the two main folders in CakePHP, one can look towards watching and working separately. While the process does sound simple, it makes a difference when an individual is moving forward to make the most of it. As you keep utilizing the system, things start to get better, and the outcome brings about a clear picture that tends to help one get what they need. Due to all that, you need to understand the importance of class inheritance and why it stands to be on the top.