Making use of CakePHP and the top features that it provides have always brought about a difference for the better. However, there are users who believe they require alternatives that tend to be more flexible to what they require. So to help you out at this stage, we have come forward with a few of the best alternatives to CakePHP. Hence, go ahead and read the following to understand the best from the lot.

Laravel 5

Laravel 5 is one among the top recommendations that experts provide for the ones looking for an alternative to CakePHP. They tend to do so after claiming that it has good documentation, a proper framework for building RESTful APIs, and other related aspects, including an excellent built-in ORM. Thanks to all that, Laravel 5 does come along the process and help one get used to results that are always deemed to be the best. By using the same, you will realize how efficient and effective the process turns out to be.


As an open-source system, Symfony jumps into the scene to provide an effortless system that goes ahead to make changes that you require the most. The web framework has been regarded as a great plugin ecosystem that comes in to offer top features and options for its highly active community. Moreover, by using the software, you will get used to it and understand more about it within a matter of time. As a result, it is another option that one can consider against CakePHP.


Coming into the picture with a small footprint and other related aspects, Codeigniter stands to create an impression that will always move along the process. Since it is well-documented and beginner-friendly, you can always use the same and understand more about it. Due to that, Codeigniter stands to light things up and promotes you to venture forward into a domain that stands to provide top features and options that one needs the most.


Phalcon is another framework that is known to be fast, efficient, and effective. The open-source framework has a flexible project structure that comes into the picture to provide a unique direction to the many needs you want to meet. While one might take some time to get used to the experience, you can always understand the same within a matter of time and explore numerous benefits that it brings into the scene. Thanks to that, you need to explore Phalcon and how it makes sense for the better.


With these four names standing to be a considerable part of the process, you are left with options that always take things to a whole new level. As a result, you need to understand and explore all that it has to provide.