As a popular web programmer, CakePHP has been providing us with the right kind of features for a long period of time. However, it has also lacked a few essentials that people have found over the years. Due to that, the only way to understand how beneficial this application might stand to be is to look through the pros and cons that it puts out. So go ahead and explore the pros and cons of using CakePHP.



When compared to other PHP development frameworks, CakePHP does not stress upon the need to use complex files and other aspects. It tends to create a difference through a simple user experience that goes ahead to help you get all that you need. As a result, complex files like YAML or XML do not come into the picture and go away from creating anything substantial for CakePHP.

Business Logic & Interface Separation

It is a known fact that CakePHP supports a number of software development models that go a long way in making the process easy. Top models like MVC (Model-View-Controller) tend to come along and make things better. Thanks to that, one can see through the separation of business logic and interface, thereby accomplishing your needs and requirements to a huge extent.

Rapid and Effortless

The code generation and scaffolding features of CakePHP have turned out to be a major highlight that everyone keeps talking about. Since it is quite effortless, one can always look towards making the better of it and exploring features that matter.


Not Supportive

One among the major drawbacks of CakePHP refers to the fact that it does not support default routes for Fancy URLs. Due to that, while crafting these URLs, you will be asked to update the routes and enter a different stage of affairs that is too long for everything. Hence, one can rightfully classify CakePHP to be not supportive at a certain level.

Migration Problems

Apart from not being supportive, users have also complained about their issues while migrating from version 2.x to 3.x. Since more number of users have complained about the same, it was understood that it is more or less a common problem that everyone had to deal with. As a result, migration problems are another disadvantage that one needs to be aware of.

Documentation Process

Users have also felt that the documentation process of CakePHP is inadequate and requires a few updates that will take things in the right direction. Regardless of the simple tag that it holds sacredly, users have gone ahead to raise a few questions that shed light on problems with documentation and other related aspects.