Utilizing CakePHP has always made a difference for good. However, there are ways to make it better and explore the top features that it provides, especially on high-performance servers for computing. Reducing errors and understanding more about what needs to be done is a few of the top ways to make it happen. So to help you out in this process, we are here with a few tips that always get things done in the right manner. Hence, go ahead and take a look at the same.

The Cache

People have often noticed a few errors with their app and at times have also called it “strange behaviour.” Since it stands to be a common mistake, people have found solutions, and one can assume the same to be caused by the cache. Due to that, deleting files from the app, cache, tmp, and other related aspects can do the trick. However, you need to ensure that you delete only the files from the mix and not the directory structure. By doing so, one can surely get ahead of things and understand the right path to move forward.

The Need to Avoid $uses array.

Using $uses array is popularly known to be the right way to go about doing things. However, it comes with a few errors and is essentially known as a bad practice. Since user models might not be related and other such aspects come into the picture, exports have told about the bad practice that $uses array stands to be. Due to that, to use random models in your controller and understand how effortless it tends to be, you can use other methods that can also get things done.

Saving Data from Multiple Models

A lot of developers tend to rely on various tips and tricks to save data from multiple models. While it may work, it does bring in problems that always take you in the wrong direction. As a result, you need to understand the same and avoid utilizing tricks that may cause a bunch of problems. Popular methods like saveAll() do the trick for the better and do not essentially bring in problems for the future. Due to that, one should understand how to move along the process and see the side that matters the most.

The Problem with Save()

Utilizing save() might not always work, and there are several reasons for the same. Beginning with validation problems and other related aspects, save() tends to make matters head in the wrong direction. As a result of that, one needs to explore the problem and find unique solutions that always shed light on what matters the most. Hence, avoiding save() and looking towards other patterns will do you some good, and one should always understand the same.